CE. Mohammed Ali Halawany Engineering Consultant Office

Office of “MAHECO” is an engineering firm Saudi was established in 1998 in Jeddah and the Registrar of the Authority Saudi Council of Engineers license No. 1561, headed the team working office consultant architect / Muhammad Ali confectioner, and winning on the degree consultant architecture of the Saudi Council of Engineers.

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Al Rokoon For Urban Development

Founded rely on the company for urban development with 1997 m in Jeddah, and was the first inception as an individual institution is working in construction and urban development, as established by the consulting engineer Mohammad Ali confectioner, in conjunction with the establishment of Mahiko Engineering Consultancy Office for the integration of engineering consultancy services and the development of construction projects and contracting the public. The year 2010 was the establishment of the International rely Trading Est Branch, which works in the field of import of construction materials, furniture and accessories which are decorative and Systems smart buildings, for the purpose of improving the integration of the Group’s activities to achieve and provide the best services and products which help to raise the value of projects and reduce the cost. The year 2015 has been transferred to rely institution for urban development to rely on urban development company – a limited liability company, was converted rely on international trade organization to rely on the company for urban development branch.ِِ

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Some of our Projects