In the Elite Group our main concern is the comfort of our clients and meeting all their needs so  we have used the latest technology side by side a seasoned team , therefore we guarantee high-quality service at the lowest possible cost.

Engineering service

  • Engineering Consulting
  • Interior design
  • Project Management
  • Contracting
  • Real estate Marketing

In the Elite Group  We have great experience in all types of projects that we are working in the field of  consultancy engineering since 1990 in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in all disciplines of project design, management and supervision on the implementation and then Expanded our business afterwards to Egypt and other countries, so we have the experience, knowledge and efficiency in all types of projects, such as hotels and palaces, as well as government projects side by side design and implementation of the studios Architecturally and technically.

so Whatever your project is, please feel free to ask for consulting engineering as we use the highest quality standards and the latest technology to provide outstanding service to our respected client.

Department of Interior Design has all the elements of excellence and innovation so as to ensure outstanding service to our customers. Interior design services include all types of buildings administrative buildings, restaurants, palaces, villas, markets, exhibitions, as well as parks and open markets.

In the Elite Group We guarantee excellence because we are dealing with the world’s largest offices in interior design as we are using the latest technology that takes into account health aspects and psychological decor and so our client can live in a paradise of his dreams.

In the Elite Group We assure achievement of the objectives of the project owner to reduce cost and increase quality Implementation of the project on time because we rely on the latest methods of engineering management which enabled us to represent the project owner in all his responsibilities and obligations towards the project by following these proceedings:

Project management professionally using the best engineering team is able to prepare action plans and oversee  their implementation.

divide the project and awarded it to contractors.

Full coordination between all disciplines to implement business easily with less possible cost..

Deliver regular reports enable the owner to follow the stages of implementation.

Implement the project committed to the terms of the contract and in the least possible time as well as committed to international standards and that because we have a wide experienced team work and so we have achieved the difficult equation

We are familiar with all the complete real estate marketing methods such as direct marketing and management of exhibitions and management of real estate marketing sites on the Internet and because the construction is the basis of our work becomes easy to assess the property technically and accurately.

Trade and Artistic services

  • Advertising
  • Event Organize
  • Tourist Services
  • Artistic production
  • Import and Export
  • Hotels Management

In the field of advertising we have great relationships with all media as we have a professional experienced team is able to devise and implement promotional plans so as to ensure the success of advertising campaigns


We have the ability to organize the largest exhibitions and conferences professionally using the latest technology because we have great general relations in Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation council  which opens up all doors to provide ultimate service.

your dream about   vacation of  fun and  a comfortable traveling with us come true  as  we are related with major airlines, hotels and tourist villages in Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation Council, which enables us to serve our valuable customers

And make your dream come true.

Elite Group is one of the few companies that have extensive experience in the field of technical production  as we have avery professional knowledge team  ,side by side adesign department has a great history in the field of design  studios, processing and maintenance

As well as our communications with a large number of audio and photography studios.

Elite Group has massive relationships with major companies all over the world which makes it easy for us to serve our customers and provide their requirements from anywhere any time.


Elite Group - The Perfect Choice

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